enjoyable chaos

Highlights from today's class:

John, where's your homework?
Sorry April Teacher, I didn't do it.
(So John watches as I draw an F by his name)
Oh no!!! Teacher, please don't give me an F!!!
What am I supposed to give you?
Teacher, please give me an N/A, please don't give me an F!
But you didn't do your homework. I can't give you a grade.
But Teacher, please! I will become a Christian and I will always do my homework from now on...

Another kid was sitting at his desk suspiciously holding his backpack up on his shoulder.

Umm, what are you doing?
Nothing Teacher.
Really? What is in your bag?
Nothing Teacher, I'm just holding it here because I am exercising.
Really? Why are you wearing headphones?
(I take the bag away from the kid.)
What's this? Listening to music?
Ummm...no response.

Today I confiscated a comic book, a handful of pogs, a drawing journal, an iPod, a package of dry noodles, a paper airplane, a rubber ball and a cheat sheet. All of these things were at random during the same class. I finally said "Do you think I'm stupid???!!!"

And yet, they make me laugh. They are Jr. Highers. They are old enough to want to cheat, but they are not smart enough to be smooth. They want to be cool, but it's practically impossible for them. One kid brings hand weights to class every week and does his exercises while I'm lecturing. Mind you, they are hot pink. I keep imagining him with a nice hot pink sweatband around his head to make the outfit complete.

When I first took this class 2 week ago, I couldn't get them to speak. They were mute. I had to force them to answer questions, force them to even say "here" when I took attendance. And now, they crack me up. They are funny, awkward, full of hormones, and stubborn. They are starting to see that I'm a bit weird myself and it makes them laugh. Today I told them we were going to have a dance competition at the end of class. You should have seen the looks of fear on their faces as they actually believed me. Imagine a room full of Jr. High boys and just 2 girls. It was pretty funny.

Here's to another unpredictable day of teaching! Cheers!


Josh said...

Wow! What a story! And I thought WE were bad. That's so funny. I love kid's responses! Those were some great ones! I also liked how you used a different font for each item you took away, I wish I was that creative!

kevin said...

everyone at my work is wondering why i'm rolling on the floor laughing...that is freaking funny. problem is i'm not much different from these weird kids. thats what makes it all funny.