seoul by tour

One of my best friends called Kevin has finally arrived. When I met him for lunch on Friday I held back tears. He has no idea that my heart was racing the whole morning in anticipation. 6 weeks I have been here in Seoul. For 6 weeks I have been stretching myself in multiple directions in order to become acquainted with this big city. I think the one thing I have missed the most are my close friends. Kevin touched that void this weekend.

Being caught up in the excitement, I left my camera behind. You'll have to use your imagination as I tell you about the weekend.

Kevin has been in Seoul for quite a while so he gets around like a pro. He had a complete itinerary for me. We walked along the Cheonggyecheon Stream, he took me to Kyobo Books which happens to be the largest bookstore in some dimension (Asia? The world? Not sure.) and then we went to the 33rd floor of the Samsung Tower to visit the coolest bathrooms ever! I'd say they might possibly be the coolest bathrooms in the world! Then we walked to Insadong which has stolen my heart. Finally a place where traditional Korean culture is embraced.

It was a grand tour filled with exciting sights but also endearing conversation. I think I may have talked his ear off, but I think we're still friends.

If all goes as planned, I should be spending time with Kevin for the next few weekends. There are so many more places to see and I have the best tour guide ever!

In the mean time, I'm finally learning the language, at least the basics. I am learning to read it, and some basic vocabulary. We'll see what happens after that. But 6 weeks into this adventure and I'm finally inspired to learn a few more things.

Well, I'm sitting at Caribou Coffee, prepping for my classes tomorrow, and sipping a delightful taste of home.

Bye for now!

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