an effort towards responsibility

The last 24 hours have been extremely productive!

I've been lazy lately. My work hours cater to sleeping in--something at which I am very skilled. But when I wake up at noon, shower, and beautify myself, it is time then to head to school for teaching which ties me up until 10:30. And then day after day I live in a "sleep, work, watch movies, sleep, work, play online, sleep..." routine.

So. I'm making an effort to keep myself disciplined.

Last night after work I walked to the grocery store. It's a lovely walk along the river which includes crossing on stepping stones (my favorite part). I lugged everything home in my backpack and got lots of smiles along the way.
This morning I cooked a big pot of curry and brown rice. It is yummy, and it is healthy, or healthier than some other things I've been eating.
...like Sweet Potato Pizza!
Which leads me to my next story. There is a new pizza place on the first floor of my apartment building. It's called Pizza School. Convenient! For $5.00 I can get an entire pizza. They opened just 2 weeks ago and the lady was thrilled that I was her very first American customer. I ordered my Sweet Potato Pizza and she continued to ask me questions like "Is Korean pizza different than American pizza?"
So last night on my way home I passed by the window of the Pizza School and I waved at the woman. She shouted "Sweet Potato Pizza!!!" and everyone looked at me. She laughed. I said "Tomorrow :-)" So I guess I have a new name here. Just call me "SPP" haha.

So this morning I have finished my cooking, I finished prepping for my reading class, I wrote a letter, I paid a bill, and hey...I even posted this blog, and I'm just about ready to head for school. Let's hope I can keep up this productivity. I really think time-management is more than a skill, but a responsibility.

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