My weekend in Sokcho/Seoraksan--------Part 1

It is nearly October. I've been here in Seoul for 3 1/2 months. So much time, and yet it seems like no time at all. The autumn season has just arrived. We've had less than a week of pleasant cool air. I'm cherishing every moment of it.

This weekend I escaped from the city. I've been aching to get away. Finally on Saturday morning I boarded a bus to Sokcho.

My agenda: relax. hike. explore. take pictures. read a book. be quiet.

I did all of those things, and more. I wandered wherever seemed nice. I sat in random places to read my book. I took many pictures. I met great people.

So now, let me tell you about my trip.

Sokcho is about 4 hours North and East of Seoul. It is a fishing town set on the East Sea.
I arrived on Saturday afternoon. I checked into the hostel, and then I headed out to explore.

I first explored the fish market. It was very busy with live music and crowds of people. I walked around curiously, stopping often to figure out what exactly I was looking at. I have always loved fish towns, port towns, any sort of sea-side communities. I think they are just lovely. They are colorful, busy, fishy, and rugged. I hate seafood. I gag when I taste it. Sometimes I wish I could get over my seafood repulsion. I do love fish, but here in Korea, I just don't even know what to expect so I avoid it altogether.

Here's a picture of all the fishing boats gathered in.

People walk from stall to stall buying fresh fish or sea creatures. Some places cook it for you, some places wrap it to go.

I loved watching this guy hang his squid to dry. Dried squid is a big thing here.

It's fun to watch people choose their fish. But it's kinda sad/gross when you
watch them pull it out of the water and knock it dead with a baseball bat.

The sun was setting. I was feeling refreshed. (and hungry, but I needed to keep looking
for something non-fish-seafood-ish).

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