pizza school

One fun thing about being a foreigner in Seoul, is that people remember you. I'm a person of habit. Once I find things I like, I frequent them. Two things in which I frequently induldge, are Paris Baguette (a lovely bakery/cafe) and the Pizza School.

Pizza School just opened downstairs from my apartment. For just 5,000 won (about 5 bucks) I can get a whole pizza, and my favorite is the sweet potato pizza! It comes complete with honey mustard, corn, a tangy red sauce, and of course sweet potatos! I know it sounds weird...but really, it's lovely.

I was their first American customer and possibly still their only American customer. They know me by name. Well sort of. My name to them is "Sweet Potato!!!" I often walk past the door and wave to the ladies inside and they holler out "Sweet Potato!!!" And really, I don't even have to tell them my order when I walk inside. They just get right to work in the kitchen.

The picture below is from a few nights ago. I was waiting for my pizza and enjoying the drunken company of some funny men. They kept calling me "Beautiful" which sounded more like "bootiful" and I'm pretty sure that's the only English word they know.


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