Sunrise In Sokcho. Morning Moments At The Sea With A Fellow Traveler----------Seoraksan/Sokcho Part 2

When I got back to the hostel that first night, the guy at the front desk nervously asked me if I would be okay with a male roommate. Usually I prefer being in girls-only rooms. And that's pretty standard for hostels. But for some reason I felt okay about it. (I can see all of my "mothers" at home gasping and getting ready to write me scolding emails about safety...I know...I know...)

So I said "fine."

And that's when I met Daniel. He was a very lovely guy from Germany. We started talking right away, sharing details, sharing stories. He's here in Korea on a forestry internship. He was a wonderful roommate and it was so nice to have some good English conversation. We made plans to wake up early the next morning and share a cab to the sea to watch the sunrise.

I don't rememer the last time I watched the sunrise. I don't fare well with mornings ya know. But being there on the beach, in a beautiful place, with good company... it was pure joy.

I took about 50 pictures. The light changed every few minutes and it just kept getting better and better!

My camera fights hard to work in the dark.

It was a very gentle sunrise. Not the most awe-inspiring, but it was calm and good for the soul.DSC02369

But wait...

It continued to change, transforming into more glory. It was like a song for the eyes. It was beautiful.

There was a small group of people having mass on the beach. It was Sunday morning after all.
I didn't modify these pictures at all. Isn't it cool how the light is streaming from the priest to the heavens?

And here's a picture of me with Daniel. Yup, great picture huh? I kind of cherish it though. He was in and out of my life in less than 24 hours. I'll easily forget his face, but it's hard to forget special moments with fellow travelers. I guess that's one of the coolest things about traveling alone.

A friend Jon Troast recently recorded a song called "Joy". I sang the song all morning.

Joy. Joy helps me to sing.
When it feels like I'm all alone. Somewhere in the night, joy picks up the song.

And my voice my rings out, singing "hallelujah for the morning".
And my voice rings out singing "hallelujah".
Well I don't know when this night will end,
but when it does I'm going to be singing.

It's a constant choice to say "I will rejoice". Even when the tears are falling.


Nicholas Ellens said...
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Jen said...

thank you so much for sharing all of the wonderful pictures and such great stories. It makes me feel like I was with you (and I wish I had been). Hey, by the way that is my favorite song by Jon you posted. Wait, we say that about every song. Memories...I miss you and can't wait to talk soon!!!! Love you Apes.