hidden advantages of baton twirling

On Saturday night after church, Amy and I decided to play "Baton".
It's amazing how much we can still do. Our favorite partner tricks are still shining, even after...how many years? We're still Razzle Dazzling!
It's crazy when I reflect on how much of my youth was dedicated to twirling. 10 full, great years, and sometimes...only sometimes do I miss it.

My trusty baton companion is still by my side however, even though my competition days are expired. My baton is now my safeguard, my weapon, my sword!
Every night, I sleep with my baton beneath my pillow.
You think that's funny?
I'll have you know that NOTHING can mess with me without first being wopped in the face with my baton. So to all of you who have kindly worried for me....I'm not REALLY alone in my apartment, I've got my baton!

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