i have cool parents

Today I'm thinking about my parents. Today I'm very thankful for them.
This weekend I had a great time with my dad. Father's Day this year was just the two of us. We really created some memories, and I'm thankful for that. My favorite memory of the weekend? Definately cruising on the Harley. It was my first ride and I loved it! Well, it wasn't exactly "cruising" at first. I think my imagination was creating every picture possible of us falling off and getting crushed. I had my hands so gripped and my back so stiff that I was starting to ache. But I calmed down and found the groove.
My mom is away on vacation. It's been a whole week! You never realize how much you love and miss someone...or how much you appreciate that person until they are gone. I have so many conversations stored in my head, organized in a special order, waiting for mom to come home so I can make some more space, and make some sense out of everything I've been thinking. How do mother's do it? Mom doesn't only have to take care of her own life, but then she listens (and at least acts like she cares) about all the stuff of my life...and then my siblings. Gee wiz, am I really ready to grow up and be a mother?
The truth is, I have amazing parents and I love them alot. I'd be lost, lonely, and a wreck without them. When they don't understand me, at least they laugh at me...or with me. I guess it's important for me to remember that even when I'm frustrated and angry with their "parent-like" words....I am a very fortunate to have a mother who will sit and listen to me, and love me, and let me come home with piles of laundry to wash, and a mother who will cook for me, or come clean my house. And I'm pretty blessed to have a dad who will support me, encourage me, help me out, fix everything that's broken, and take me for joy-rides on his motorcycle...and give me money when I'm desperate. My parents very actively believe in me.
I have the best mom and dad in the world!


Stace said...

True Dat!!!!!

TulipGirl said...

*more mush, mush*

And your mom has had a very special place in my life as Auntie El. . .