almost perfectly beautiful

Well, I already told this story to a few people so forgive me if this post is lacking in my usual original and exciting flair :-)

So last week I had the great honor of participating in a women's conference held here in Milwaukee. It was a conference for business women, organized by our firm, and hosted by many amazingly successful women. There was a cocktail party at first where over 300 women gathered together, and then everyone split off into many different groups for dinner and discussion on various topics like Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Science, Government etc. My job...."registration and coat check". Yes, I'm living quite the prestigious life!

So after I had everyone registered and directed to their dinner I was invited to join the Women in Government discussion. It was incredible! We sat around the dinner table in a beautiful lakeview condo and listened as current and former Wisconsin Women Senator's gave their input into women in governmental leadership. It was so fascinating and inspiring!!! The food we ate was so gourmet that I don't even know what it was! I'll just call it "yum!".

So after a riveting discussion, and maybe a little too much wine, we broke for dessert. I stood up and started to head towards the desert buffet and I was cornered by a woman who acted as if she had been drinking wine since breakfast time.
She said, "Darling...you are gorgeous!!!". I smiled and said, "Well...thank you!"
And then she said, "But I'd like to give you some fashion advice."
So proceeded to tell me that my skirt was too long. It made me look short and frumpy. And my suit jacket should be a brighter color (instead of black). And I should show some cleavage because after all....flaunt what you have! And my eyebrows need a good waxing, and high heels would compliment my very very sexy legs.
I could hardly keep from laughing. I just commented in agreement as if she were a wise older mentor.
And then she said, "I watch this show every week on TLC, it's called What Not To Wear". At that, about 5 other women gathered around me to continue commenting on my fashion (or lack thereof) and how my outfit would totally serve as a great example for the show.

I was very amused! Of course I can always use some good fashion help, and if I had an appropriate budget I would thoroughly enjoy a day with a personal shopper. But how funny it was to be singled out by a group of highly successful drunken women! It was an evening to remember forever!

After a long days work, some fascinating discussion, an amazing meal, fine wine, and a little social entertainment...I slept very very well that night!


stace said...

awww...dissappointing!! I can't see the pic. :)

Bethany said...

who DOES that? funny, but also out of control. was she dressed like a diva at least?