running is stupid anyway

Today after church I had this great desire to go running. Those of you who know me well, know that I HATE running. I think it is terrible torture, and extremely boring.
But for some reason, today seemed like a good running day.

So I went down to the lake, and took off running down the path.
That lasted about 5 minutes. Whew...what a workout!

No, really, my feet were in so much pain I almost cried. My running turned into walking, which turned into me finally coming to terms with the fact that I will probably never be able to run any distance w/o pain. I hate admitting there is something that I cannot do, but maybe I just need to find more joy in the things I CAN do....like power walking.

Today was a gorgeous day to be outside. I walked for over an hour through the park. Spring is in the air! The ice on lake Michigan is melting into mini glaciers. There were families out walking. There were puppies everywhere. There were little kids riding their bikes with training wheels. There were people flying kites. I even saw a caterpillar! And then I stepped in a huge pile of animal crap. That wasn't so lovely.

I am so thankful for fresh air, for the privilege of living here in a city that is beautiful. I am thankful for the ability to walk (instead of jogging) and for a great Sunday afternoon of free-time.

Tomorrow I will post pictures that I took throughout my afternoon.

Happy Sunday, Happy Spring!

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