My car is back!!!

Yesterday Kevin gave me a ride home from work. As we were driving down the street to my apartment I noticed my car parked right out front. The thief stole the car, and then returned it. Who does that?!

There was no damage. They didn't rummage around, they didn't steal anything at all. They just needed to borrow it I guess. They returned it to the street, right where they got it, and they even locked the doors again for me. How nice! I'm concerned because I think they have a key that works with my car.

It was comical trying to explain everything to the Police Officer again. It all just seems so bizarre, maybe a little fishy.

I'm very VERY thankful that my car was returned safely. But I'm also a little worried that they might borrow it again.

So dear friends...send me your ideas! What kind of person do you think borrowed my car? What story should I believe?


TulipGrrl said...

How very weird. . .

Jasie said...

Ummm, you feeling okay? No strange blackouts or anything? Hmmm....

Glad the car was returned. One of the bizarrer (not sure that's a word) occurrences I've heard of. Maybe Kenton's idea was correct... Susie's mother made it through the trauma, and once the serious threat was over, she returned the vehicle. Have you checked the glove box for a thank you note?