funny apartment listing

Although Katie and I have decided on a new apartment, I still enjoy perusing through Craigslist.com. It's so addicting! So I was browsing through apartments and I came across one that made me laugh a little.

I am offering my basement for rent which is a small one bedroom apartment....
Do not miss this opportunity..... The house is located in the Petworth area...
Most of neighbors are young marrigments or old people, and always you can find a parking spot on the street.
Love Perseus.
Marijuana lovers stay away( Smokers in general ).

Who signs their advertisements with love?!! "Hey, I'm renting my apartment...Love April." So weird, and the name Perseus really makes it sound great!
You can read the full post here.


stace said...

oh wow! You should totally jump all over that one!! Don't wait! It'll probably rent out quickly!!

April said...

Seeing that Perseus doesn't want Marijuana lover's, I just don't feel like I'd fit in. A girl needs a place where her habits can flourish ya know?