This is proof that April went running.

Actually, it's really a picture I took of myself to try to be cool.

Dude, what's up with my hair?

This picture was taken facing West.

This picture was taken from the same place facing East.

The ice is breaking up in the water. It looked pretty cool.

Lake Michigan is a great comfort to me.


Stace said...

Where were these taken? They're great pics!

Amy said...


Amy (was Wiltberger) here. I found your blog though Mountain Mama. I've enjoyed catching up on what you've been up to lately. I totally agree that running is stupid!! Definitley not my thing anyway. I guess keep up with the power walking. :) I look forward to reading more from you, and I especially enjoy the pictures!


April said...

Hi Amy, you found me! Very cool to hear from you! I'm glad you enjoy my blog, glad to know I have another reader. It would be cool to know what you are up to these days. How many kids to you have now? I think I heard something about 3 or 4? Feel free to email some time.

Take care!

TulipGrrl said...

April, it's so weird. . . After all these years and all the miles, to see Amy post on your blog, Rebecca was visiting us in January, I just saw my sis (Amy found your blog through her) and we're all in touch--even if tenuously.

Anyway, I came across these two online seminary courses (free!) today, and thought you might like them. Jerram Barrs is cool--met him in Kyiv.

Francis A. Schaeffer: The Early Years
Francis A. Schaeffer: The Later Years

April said...

Thanks! You met Jerram Barrs? So cool! His book "Being Human" was a HUGE help for me during my entire first term at L'Abri. I think I listended to a dozen of his lectures as well. I really like him. Thanks for your comment!