being sick makes me air-headed

I am really sick this week. YUCK! My head is so clogged up, I think it's also preventing my brain from functioning properly.
I thought I would entertain you with some of my actions these past few days.

-Yesterday morning, my sister wrote me an email and asked how my day was going. I replied to her with this long, drawn out, whiney, and gross email about my head being full of sickness slime, my voice sounding like a young boy going through puberty, and how I just wanted to go home and sleep but I can't breathe therefore I can't sleep....blah blah blah. And then instead of sending the email to her, I accidentally sent it out to all of my coworkers. So the catering department, the concierge service, all the other receptionists....they got my lovely nasty email. I was so embarassed! I was quite relieved that I didn't say anything totally inappropriate, because it wouldn't have surprised me.

-I have been walking around carrying my hot water bottle like a new born infant. I know you aren't supposed to fill it with boiling water, but I do. Last night I took it to bed with me and accidentally fell asleep with my leg on top of it. I have a huge burn blister on my leg now. Nice!

-Yesterday when I got home from work and I stood at my apartment door for a good 10 minutes trying to get the damn door open. Seriously, for some reason my key would NOT work!!! After a long time I realized I was trying to open the door with my car key. Oops.

-Last night I was hungry and the only thing that sounded appetizing was a bowl of cereal and some toast. So I poured my bowl of cereal and when my toast was done I took it out so I could butter it. And then for some reason I put the butter in my cereal instead.

Today is a new day!

Oh, and this morning I decided that I am changing my New Year's Resolution from:

"Make my bed every day"
to "Make my bed more often".

I like that better!

Happy Friday to you all! Best wishes to you for good health and smartness!


Jasie said...

Hope you are feeling better! I love that sick=funny with you. For me sick=cranky. Full stop.

Stace said...

Hey! Hope you're feeling better! Though, I have to say, I do enjoy hearing about these funny things!! :)