another wedding :-)

In the winter of 2005, two people fell in love....

These are my friends Joel and Magda. This picture was taken at L'Abri, 2 years ago. This was taken during a time when we were only allowed to take 2 showers a week, when nobody really cared what you looked like...a place that makes people beautiful in so many ways!!!

These are my friends that I love.
...and they are getting married!!!!!!!

This afternoon I am going to Canada to be a part of this wonderful event.
And next week, I'll post updated pictures :-)

In the words of Five Iron Frenzy.....

"Lets go to Cananda, let's leave today!

Canada oh Canada, i s'il vouse plait.

They've got trees and mooses and sled dogs,

lots of lumber and lumberjacks and logs,

we all think that it's kind of a drag

that you have to go there to get milk in a bag..."

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