my roommate who isn't my roommate anymore but will always be called "roommate!"

My friend. You are strong and nurturing. Time spent with you is fun and healing.
Remember when you would read T.S. Elliott aloud to me? Remember when we would run to Starbucks before Epistemology class? I laugh whenever I drink an Iced Soy Chai and remember how you teased me for sipping my drinks instead of gulping them. Remember when we would sit in our room and vent after frustrating chapel services? And more recently I remember smoking the Hookah on the patio of Casablanca. I have shared tears with you and laughter with you. We have been strong for each other and weak together. You inspire me. You remind me of who I am, and you believe in me.
I miss you. I am so proud of you. I am so excited for the next time we can share time together.


Anonymous said...

Aw, roommate, your blog post makes me so happy! I miss you too, especially all that good roommate cuddle time and the leftover polenta and goat cheese wraps and drinking Bailey's with your grandpa. You are the most loving and caring friend I know (except for Jeremy). No matter how long it's been since I've spoken with you, I know that you love me and are concerned about me. I'm just blown away by how wonderful you are; how smart, how compassionate, how giving, how beautiful. I love you, roommate

maureenkuehne@mac.com said...

april--if we are to have a friend, we first be a friend. what a friend you are.

in the end, we have our friends.......God with skin.