funny story

So my friend Glenda from home came up on Saturday. She's my age, she's Hispanic, and she has 3 wonderful little kids. ( I cannot imagine having 3 kids at my age!!! But that's besides the point).
So on Saturday she brought her two girls up to hang out and we went to the zoo.
Before we left for the zoo we were at my apartment eating cheese pizza. Karolena (her 4 year old?) looks up at me and says "What's your name again?"
I said, "Silly girl….you know my name!!!" and she laughed.
So I said, "Okay Karolena…you can call me whatever you want. What do you want my name to be? You tell me what my name is…"
She smiled….then giggled……
I said, "Well…what's my name?" And she said, "White Girl???"

Haha, I laughed. I said, "Okay, you can call me that :-)"
So we were at the zoo in the monkey exhibit and she was getting really excited and then she said "White Girl!!! White Girl!!!! Look at the monkeys!!!"

And of course everyone in the area could hear and they all looked at me really strange :-)


Stace said...

haha! White girl! haha! I guess I can't really say anything either. I'm pretty white too. Dustin won't let me tan though. He wants to keep me alive for awhile, I guess.
Cute monkey pic! :)

haras said...

in high school they gave me the nick name "la guera loca," which means "the crazy white girl." haha!! everybody thought i was high all the time, which i wasn't.

My name is April. said...

Well Sarah, I'm glad you clarified that you WEREN'T high. I was a little concerned :-)

haras said...

I wanted to let your worries rest today, april!!