nice suit!

(this picture wasn't taken today, but I'm wearing the same suit today)

This morning I stopped at Anodyne Coffee on Brady Street. It was my first time there and I liked it very much. But that's a different story.
There was a nice man outside that stood up and opened the door for me. He then recommended his favorite drink (which I decided against) and then when I came outside to leave he told me that I looked very nice today. Then he asked me "Do you have to dress up like that every day for work?"
I said "Yes I do, and thank you!"

On my lunch break I was relaxing in the shade underneath a tree. I was sitting in the grass, eating my turkey sandwich and this old lady came walking up to me. She didn't look homeless, and she didn't seem totally crazy, but she was sort of crazy. She stood in front of me. Looked at me for a few seconds. Then she said, "New suit I see? You look nice." And then she walked away.

I must say, this is a lot more encouraging than my mom's usual "You're wearing that???"
:-) Just kidding mom. You know I love you!


Nick said...

I love talking to strangers. I would talk to everyone I met if I could be sure I wouldn't come across as creepy. We, collectively, have a strange social stigma against such conversations. I have a fairly substantial crazy hat collection and one of my favourite parts of wearing a crazy hat is the fact that it seems to break down barriers: random people will feel comfortable in saying hello and asking about it. It appears that you achieve the same end by looking good as opposed to looking ridiculous. Congratulations!

Stace said...

Looks like a nice suit. I like your necklace too! :)

haras said...

April, I was wondering if you have been reading my blog since I started posting in it again..? i gave you the link but you never really acknowledged it so i didn't know if you missed it or something