good music

Funny story: On Saturday I was at the Lifehouse concert at Summerfest. It was amazing! They play an incredible live show. So they started playing "Hanging by a Moment" and being the popular song that it is, the entire crowd started singing along. The band put the microphone out into the crowd for the chorus and it was as clear as a choir. It was cool. And then we stumbled upon the line that no one knows.... haha, it was awesome. "I'm living for the only thing I know... I'm.....hm.......nnnn....mmm...umm..........go" The crowd-choir faded out and everyone started laughing because it was so obvious. The band laughed a little too. It was funny.

I'd like to share with you two new artists that I have discovered. I think they are quite talented!
Cedar Avenue is from Minneapolis. They are actually close friends of my church-family here in Milwaukee. They played 2 shows at Summerfest this past weekend and really...they are very good. People were drawn in by their music and their polished sound. Their lyrics are heart-felt. They are beautiful people as well and I feel honored to have spent some time with them. Please check them out www.myspace.com/cedaravenuemusic.

While wandering around Summerfest I also discovered Ari Herstand. How do I describe him??? Here's the blurb from his myspace profile: This explosive new artist, blending genres from acoustic pop/rock, folk, hip-hop and jazz, busts down the walls of the tired acoustic rock, singer/songwriter box and has forced the world to take notice. Ari's unforgettable live shows display his talents on the guitar, piano and trumpet. Fusing them with his vocal percussion and beautifully angelic vocals - with the help of his loop station - Ari stuns every person that has the opportunity to catch his performance. Critiques have started crediting Ari's unique "Folk/Hop" genre as the next big wave in music and the artist to look out for in 2007!

He was really incredible! I'm not sure that his recordings quite match the live show, but I haven't taken the time to listen to the recordings yet. You can find him at http://www.ariherstand.com/ or www.myspace.com/ariherstand.

Finally, it was nearing midnight. The Lifehouse show was coming to an end and I thought "Wow, I made it through an entire day of Summerfest without having beer spilled on me or without being vomitted on! Amazing!!!" Last year at the Wilco concert a girl turned around and...well..I'll spare you the details but I had to spend some time near a pool of water to clean myself off.
But I kid you not.....I WAS feeling relieved, and seconds later Nick and I felt a splash up the backs of our legs. Then we heard "Oops, I'm sorry" from the guy behind us.
Hey...what's Summerfest (or Milwaukee) without it?


Dustin and Stacey said...

oh! That's disgusting! Thanks for sparing the details! Sounds like a blast though! I love finding new music! ~Stace~

Dustin and Stacey said...

I just listened to the music. I really like Ari. I'll have to check into his stuff! Thanks chica!!