strange and perfect

My car is broken again. Not sure what it is this time. Sometimes there is such a fine line between being totally blessed and completely inconvenienced. Well, at least that's how I feel sometimes.

Let me rewind. First let me tell you about my day yesterday.

Kevin is visiting again. He met me for lunch and I took him to the Soup Bros. We had Cowboy Dick's Chunky Chili. Yum! I so greatly enjoy sharing my Milwaukee Favorites with people.

After work we went to Atwater Beach and walked around in the sand and water. It was so nice! I found a butterfly in the water. It was still alive. Katie tried to rescue it. She brought it over into the sunlight so it could dry off and then I think she sang some lullaby's. The butterfly died. Kevin tried to distract Katie and made up stories about seeing it fly towards heaven.

Then we went home and made an awesome dinner! The menu? Cheese pizza, homemade hummus, spaghetti squash, corn on the cob, and adamame. Talk about a random mix of things! It was so satisfying though.

After dinner we went to Cafe Hollandar and had beer and caramel apple pizza.

When we got home I had to move my car from the street into the parking lot. To my dismay, the car wouldn't start. We thought maybe it was the battery so Katie brought her car over so we could jump-start it. I'm embarrassed to say that I froze up. It's been so long since I've had to use jumper cables and I am terrified of accidentally blowing up my car. So we stood there together, trying to figure out how to perform a successful jump-start. That's when we met this random guy who put a smile on all of our faces. He came over to the car and asked if we needed help. He called us "Friends". He connected everything and gave us a quick tutorial. We had to wait a few minutes to see if my car would take the charge. The guy said "I'm sorry I can't help you any further than this. I don't know anything about cars. But I DO know Yoga. I can teach you some Yoga!"

We stood on the side of the road next to the charging cars and he called out these freaky bizarre positions. "Grab your left foot from behind and pull it up. Clasp your hands together. Arch your back and lean to the left. Breathe!!! Push your chest forward and lean back and look at the floor behind you....." Oh my gosh it was crazy! This guy teaches Bikram Yoga in Chicago so he was very skilled. He had is body so neatly wound up it was inspiring!

My car didn't hold a charge so I had to call the city and have it registered and approved for the street parking. Tonight my Dad's going to drive up and tow it home. That should be fun and exciting! Kevin told me he wanted to be a part of my real life. He told me that he didn't expect to have a tourist-type vacation every day. He's definitely getting some glimpses of reality for me. It is so nice and comforting to have him here.

That's all for today. If only every day were that interesting!


Momma Amy said...

Definitely sounds like an interesting day! At least you ate some really good food and had fun with friends! :)

BTW, who is Kevin?

My name is April. said...

Oh, sorry, :-) Kevin is one of my best friends. He's from Ireland. He lived at L'Abri with me. Now he's traveling around the world some more and I've been blessed with his company a few times.

Yes, spending time with friends is such a gift. And food...good food is also a gift! :-)

haras said...

I wish that my life was half as interesting as yours, April.