a different spin on things

In reference to this post, I am secretly (and sometimes not so secretly) annoyed and judgmental towards people who:

--don't like camping because of the dirt, or the fact that they might have to pee in the woods.

--don't recycle anything.

--add to the pollution and destruction of our world and are frivolous with resources.

--don't stop for pedestrians.

--are afraid to be in public without makeup on or having their hair all pretty.

--never take risks or even attempt to make their dreams come true.

--act as if they have God and Christianity all figured out.

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Nick said...

One of the best public speakers I have ever heard is a woman named Margaret Somerville. She is a cross-appointed Biology and Ethics professor at McGill University. Your mention of frustration with people who don't like dirt reminded me of one of her recurring themes: she decries humans losing touch with nature, I paraphrase, the pinnacle of creation losing touch with the rest. If you stumble across her, she's well worth the read.