bubbly goodness

The other day while shopping for important camp groceries, I caved at the urge to buy some bubble gum. I don't even remember the last time I had bubble gum. I don't even really like chewing gum. But this time I REALLY wanted it.

I was unwrapping the treat on the way to my car, eager to taste the sour apple berry flavor. It was delightful!

I headed over to the campground to meet the folks and I started blowing bubbles. The first one popped with a snap and I started giggling. I continued to play and the entire time I was laughing and smiling. I'm not sure if any other drivers noticed me, but I must have looked pretty funny. I was having a grand ol' time! Who would have thought that bubble gum would provide so much entertainment?

I had wondered if that was just a one time fun experience. Would every piece in the package provide that same experience? Well, I'm 4 pieces into it and so far every piece finds me smiling and laughing. I guess I should add bubble gum to my list of favorite things!

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