two random things i'd like to mention

Last night I noticed that the first three Harry Potter books were stacked up on our shelf. I just recently decided to start reading the series. I was going to ask Katie if I could borrow them but she told me that they weren't hers. What? That's weird, whose books are they?

Oh...there's only one answer to that question. Mr. Kevin Quigley surprised me with yet ANOTHER gift. Thank you thank you thank you!!! I started reading the first book last night. I think I'm really going to enjoy them.

On a completely different note, Anodyne Coffee serves a delightful iced coffee! (Keep that in mind if you ever visit Milwaukee)



haras said...

April, I want to come visit you again!! But I don't know if I can!!!

But I think I will try to make a time so I can. haha yayyy i'm excited!! when is a good time???? It probably won't be for a while. but hopefully before summer is over!!

Mom said...

That is so funny... I've been totally thinking of diving in to that series too!! I might even stop at the library tonite.

Dustin and Stacey said...

but does it compare to Mudhouse coffee?? :)

Jasie said...

Beware of Harry Potter... he's more addictive even than the best of coffees.