i'm so excited, i LOVE to sing!!!

I am SO excited. Stacey and Dustin have asked me to sing in their wedding. I consider this a great honor. It is also a huge step for me professionally as this will be the first time I share my singing publicly.
So, because of this event I have been searching and searching for the best song to sing. It's a tough call! There are so many excellent creative heart-felt songs. I'm searching for the most appropriate and meaningful lyrics so if you have any ideas PLEASE pass them on. I have a few options on my list so I thought I'd list them below. I welcome any feedback.

Song Choice #1 Wedding Song, by Tank

This Is My Wedding Song (Thon Thon Thonthon Thon Thon Thonthon),
If You Feel Me Sing Along Yall,
If I Had Known Wanna Know Wanna Know Wanna Know Right Now,
Things Would Be Different Now, And I Wouldn't Be Standin Here Singin In My Wedding Song (Thon Thon Thonthon Thon Thon Thonthon),
We'll Be Somewhere Gettin It On, And We Still Be Freakin Eachother....

(comments anyone???)

Song Choice #2 I've Had The Time of My Life, by Jennifer Warnes and Bill Medley

I've been waiting for so long
Now I've finally found someone
To stand by me
We saw the writing on the wall
As we felt this magical fantasy

(I especially like the part about the magical fantasy. So romantic!!!! It catches the essence of true love if you ask me)

Song Choice #3 Swearin' to God, by Frankie Valli

Swearin' to God (Swearin' to God)
Oh, I dedicate (Don't tell the angels)
Hey, I'm swearin' to God (Swearin' to God)
I cross my heart and hope to die, I do

Just call me a one woman lover
I can't even look at another

(What do y'all think of this one? I would need someone to sing back-up but I'm pretty sure my brother would do the honor. I like the part that says "hope to die, I do". And the "just call me a one woman lover"....well....Dustin that fit's you right?)

Song Choice #4 Bad Love, by Eric Clapton

I've had enough bad love
I need something I can be proud of
I've had enough bad love
No more bad love!!!!!

(Well...this one....I just feel it ya know? Don't you just feel it?)

Song Choice #5 No Bad Love, by Tom Jones

I've known a few bad ladies
All of them got me hurt
Some of them women that seemed sweet,complete,
they treat you like dirt

But I ain't never seen no bad love
Never heard about no bad love
I never really seen no bad love
No bad love...no bad love

(In keeping with the theme of the last song, this one is a little more deep. Maybe I like this one a little better. I mean...how sweet??? Stacey may seem like a "bad lady" or she might "treat Dustin like dirt" but their love is strong....no bad love!!!)

Song Choice #6 My Funny Valentine (an oldie, but a goodie!)

You're my funny valentine
Sweet comic valentine
You make me smile with my heart
Your looks are laughable
Yet you're my favorite work of art....

( What a sweet song right? I mean, it's fitting...Stacey is an artist and Dustin can say that she's HIS favorite work of art! So perfect! And besides...I think I can really make my voice shine through this one! Again...comments are welcome)

So that's what I've found thus far. I'm still looking for the perfect song with the perfect lyrics AND something that will allow my voice to shine.


Dustin and Stacey said...

haha! You are so hilarious!!! Wow! Some...umm....interesting(?) choices! Hmmm. Ummm...Well, I just don't know what else to say! :)

Bethany said...

are you really looking for song ideas? i mean, you already have the best songs ever written listed on your blog, so i don't see how there could be many other options.

"the wedding song" by sarah harmer (she's canadian) is pretty much the cutest song in the world. i'm not kidding.

Mom said...

If you are singing...I don't think it really matters what song you sing....As long as you put your whole heart into it... and of course you wear the right outfit!!

My name is April. said...

Oh my gosh Bethany she is an incredible singer! I love her! I've never heard of her before.
Gosh I wish I could sing!!!!

Bethany said...

she has 3 great cds. they are all really really good. although the first one "you were here" is my fav. the third one is more bluegrassy. good, but bluegrassy. spread the word. she is awesome.

TulipGrrl said...


Splendiferous MT said...

Hey April,
I don't really know much of Stacey and Dustin's story but I sang "When God Made You" by Newsong at my wedding. It really expresses how Jason and I feel...I don't know if that is what your looking for, but I liked it.
Congrats on singing on the big day! It'll really be special I know!