Well Folks, the word is out. Stacey and Dustin are "thinking" about starting a blog.
I vote yes!!!!

What do you think? Cast your vote in the comment section please!

Seriously, the blogging world is lacking without them. I mean...they have so much to talk about...like mullets, and walmart, and marriage, and med school, and coffee, and stuff....come on everyone! Cast those votes!


stace said...

you are stinking hilarious!!! Love ya sister!!

TulipGrrl said...

It's about time, Stacy! *eg*

Momma Amy said...

I vote "YES!"
I'd love to know what's happening in Stacey's life, even if it's about doing laundry or what she had for supper. :) Some info is better than none!

TulipGrrl said...


Mom said...

YUP!!! Great Idea!