my day in pictures

I have been so tired and achy. I slept on a few couches last weekend, I was on the go go go, I took a Power-Flex weight lifting class and my body was screaming, I was up past mid-night for too many nights in a row....all of these things resulting in emotional and energy decay.

Yesterday at work I had 4 different people pull me aside to ask "Are you doing alright? You're not looking so great." Haha, thanks!

So I decided that I needed some "ME time". Below is a picture story of my day yesterday. Today I feel splendid.....or maybe even SPLENDERTACULAR!!!

(...a long day at work wishing it was Friday)

(After work I met up with Amy for our favorite work-out evening...yay for Thursdays.)

(Liz led an awesome class. I think it was my favorite ever. It was tough! She taught us a few new steps and I felt very challenged. Liz is trying to convince Amy and I to start teaching our own classes. Hmm...possibly?!!)

(I was starving and decided that my "ME day" needed to include a Palermos Primo Cheese Pizza. Yum.)

(There are moments when wine is a necessity. This is my favorite red wine...yes I know it's not high class or anything, but whatever...I like what I like. Mom and Judi and I shared a bottle of this wine every night we were in Italy.)

(Not just one glass....but 2. It's the perfect way to relax your muscles to guarantee a restful relaxed night of sleep.)

(Moose tracks...not my favorite, but probably on my top 10 list.)

(Season 1, disc 3, side B, episode 4.)

(...and then I fell asleep, relaxed and perfect!)


Stace said...

haha! That's great! Interesting combination of events/things. So ummm...did you change your hair color? It looks a bit different in the picture than what I remember from last weekend. :)

My name is April. said...

ya, umm...right! I WISH I was that pretty. And maybe some day I will have hair like that...maybe...or not.

Stace said...

Well, she's pretty, but I think you're prettier. And her hair is kinda messy in that picture. I don't think you should have hair like that. I think you should just stick with being you. :)love ya! :)

TulipGrrl said...

My mom started teaching aerobics before water aerobics--and she always loved it! If you're being encouraged to teach your own--I say, go for it!

(And I like lambrusco, too. *Grin*)