thank you

I'm going to be vague because vagueness is required.

Lately I feel like my family is blessed to be loved by some of the most amazing people. I feel so at peace knowing that we are supported and cared for in any time of need.

This post is to say thank you, THANK YOU....all of you who have been an encouragement and all of you have given your time and help to our family. I find peace because of you. Thank you.

Any person who is reading this post, remember to take care of the people in your life. Take care of the people that you love. Serve the people around you. Give your heart. You never know when you might need that same service in return.



Stace said...

Amen sistah! Preach it!! Whooo!
I, also say thanks! Good thoughts girl! It's always good to be reminded of how much we are blessed and should be thankful for! :) Thanks!

Eden said...

Hi April! Thanks for the reminder.

Mom said...

Amen! We have the most amazing friends and family who really know the art of caring. I feel truly blessed and only hope I can in return be a blessing to others.