bugs. clean laundry. tea. rain.

Yesterday was a beautiful day. For my lunch break I decided to sit out on the grass, eat my peanut butter and strawberry sandwich, and read a little of Harry Potter book 2. While relaxing, I was annoyed because I had this irritating itch on my leg, right above my knee. I would scratch it and then a few seconds later it would tickle again. So annoying! A while later I decided to go into Starbucks to get an iced coffee. First I went to use the bathroom. I pulled down my pants and was just sitting down and I looked and there was this HUGE GROSS SPIDER just sitting there on my leg. I screamed!!!! It was one of those spiders that would crunch if you smashed it. In my panic was able to brush it into the toilet and I flushed right away. Oh gross!!!!!!!

On another note, I finally did my laundry and I'm telling you, I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe! When I was sorting through the hamper I pulled out things I forgot I owned. Next time I feel like shopping I should do my laundry first. This morning I had so many options it took me forever to get dressed. I'm thinking that I smell a lot better now. I hope I didn't lose any friends in that stretch of time. :-)

I'm sitting at Mocha's right now. I ordered Jasmine Pearl tea and it was delightful. You know, tea is cool because it tastes good when it's hot and it still tastes yummy after it turns cold. It's like you get two different beverages!

It's raining today and I find it extremely cozy. Speaking of cozy, I should probably go home and get some sleep. Bye for now!


Nick said...

What exciting days you have... Im so jealous.

Luz said...

the spider-leg situation must've been traumatizing. (i read it to a roommate and she said she would've thrown up had it been her)

--remember those big spiders in bellevue? patrick would smash them for fallon and me...then chase us with the mooshed arachnid.

glad the rest of your doings were much more pleasant. :)

TulipGirl said...

Ewww! Gross! My stomach feels yucky just reading it.

That said, T9 really identifies with Hagrid and "things that other people find to be horrifying monsters, he thinks are lovable." T9 loves whales. T9 knows no fear. But he HATES insects of any variety. Like freaked out over a fly in the kitchen the other day when he was loading the dishwasher. Big dragons and whales? Cool. Little bugs? Gross.