my dream last night

I had a dream last night that my dad had a flying motorcycle and he wanted to take Stacey and I on a road trip (or sky trip)...or a trip of some sort :-) Maybe I was just tripping...if you know what I mean.

Anyways, he had this really cool Harley Davidson motorcycle that had super jet powers and Dad planned an adventurous camping trip. He packed this cooler full of really hearty food, including big juicy steaks and a whole case of beer. Talk about a feast! We got all packed and jumped on the bike and took off. It was amazing! We flew between buildings and around in circles and through clouds and it such an awesome feeling.

At one point we had to take a bathroom break. I'm pretty sure that it was Stacey who needed to use the bathroom...as usual with family road trips. So anyways, we stopped for a while in some random town and we ended up walking around and browsing through some little shops. Dad disappeared in the antique shop and when we finally found him he was carrying 3 paper grocery bags full of "treasures" he found and purchased. Stacey and I rolled our eyes.

When it was time to take off again, we had a difficult time getting everything including our bodies onto the bike. Dad said, "We have to get rid of some things!" We got into an argument because dad was trying to convince Stacey and I that we should just leave our bags behind. But we had all of the important things! He wanted us to leave our clothes and supplies behind so that we could keep the steaks, beer, and antique treasures. No one would give in. There we stood in big grassy field, standing around this awesome flying motorcycle, yelling at each other. Then I woke up.

In my dream, the motorcycle looked really freakin sweet, it was red, and it was like a rocket with wheels. When I googled "flying motorcycle" to find a good illustration the picture below is what came up. It made me laugh.


Dustin and Stacey said...

What did you eat last night before bed?! haha! That's hilarious!!

Mom said...

WOW!! What a cool bike??