how is this okay??? tell me!!!!

THIS makes me really sad and frustrated. I think it is wrong. That's all I have to say.


The Domestic Intellectual said...

How is this okay? It is okay because in the Catholic Church it is a sin to not go to mass. So those who do not attend are not only not supporting the parish that is educating their children, they are also committing a sin for which they need to repent.

I totally understand your indignation... especially after our dialog on church attendance.... but it is important to understand that this comes out of their rules and tradition. Signing on to be Catholic means accepting those boundaries. Besides, why should the church subsidise the education of some children just because they were baptized in the church if the parents aren't supporting the church with their attendance and tithes? They should pay full tuition just like everyone else.

My name is April. said...

Thanks Becky, I've come to the same conclusions after having spent the morning thinking about it. These people have indeed agreed to the rules upon enrollment, I guess they just never thought they'd be enforced. I guess I'm just annoyed because I feel like it is sending such a bad message. People should not be threatened into the church. But I guess if your theology tells you that missing church is a sin...then this isn't as odd as I might think.
Thanks for your comments though, I appreciate them.

Nick said...

That is Messed Up!!! When did church become all about money?