life in shorewood

3 Months ago I promised to post pictures of my new apartment. I'm finally doing that. Because there are so many pictures, I made them smaller. Click on the photos if you want to seem them enlarged. Enjoy!

This is our living room space. We really enjoy the big windows. Please notice the $2 lamp I just got at a yard sale, the yellow chair that my mom was throwing away, and the awesome couch that Katie found for an amazing deal at a thrift shop.

This photo looks down the hallway towards the rest of the apartment.

Here is our kitchen. We love it! Below you can see the spice rack that I made last autumn. Other things we love include the old ceramic sink and the floor tiles.

I've really enjoyed putting together the bathroom. Shh...Katie and I stole the lavendar from someone's garden.

The Picasso poster below was one of my first projects. You can't tell from this picture but I took the plain poster and stretched it onto a canvas. Then I painted a bazillion coats of mod podge over it with brush stokes. It looks like a thick oil painting. I love it!

Welcome to my bedroom. I feel exposed now.
Anyway, the colors on the wall are Harvest Wheat and Dark Eggplant. The eggplant looks kinda black in this picture, but it's actually quite nice. It's dark, but I enjoy it.


rev kev said...

I've never been there... looks nice.

Carmi said...

What a lovely home, April! The floor tiles caught my eye: I've always loved black and white checkerboard. You've obviously made the place your own in a very short amount of time.

My name is April. said...

Thanks Guys!!!

Dustin and Stacey said...

What an ugly place!!! haha! Just kidding! Very cute!!! Someday I would like to visit it in person!

Tracey said...

April, it rocks!!!