birthdays are the bomb-diggity!

The timing of this blog post it touchy. This is a post to wish a very good friend a very happy birthday. In America, his birthday is tomorrow. In Australia where he hails, his birthday is right now. So tricky!!!

So here is my wish, with all my heart! I wish you a wonderful birthday!

Thanks for being a good friend during rough times.

Thanks for helping me with Sunday breakfasts, especially when it required cutting onions. You donned those goggles so fashionably! You and and Bethany created the most fun moments in the kitchen.

And no one could have been a better Butler.

There are times in my life when I find myself dragging with discouragement. Sometimes I feel alone or confused. Sometimes I wonder what I'm doing, or if I'm making even the slightest difference in my world. My friends are bright reminders of how faithful God is to take care of my heart. My friends keep me moving, keep me living, keep me dreaming, and they keep me laughing. Sometimes it is merely the thought of a good friend that takes me through a rough day. Sometimes it is the thought of a friend that helps me to stay focused. Sometimes it is the voice of a friend that kindly reminds me of who I am. Friendship is a community, regardless of the distance that separates. I am thankful for my community of friends. People, readers, cherish your friends. It's important. They are gifts!

Happy Birthday Kenton, you are a gem!

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Dustin and Stacey said...

so...I don't know you, Kenton. But HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
~Stacey (April's Sister)~