Is that chocolate flavored bread or is there potting soil in that dough?

This weekend I had a long long list of "MUST DO" things. Along with that I also had a long long list of "I WOULD LIKE TO DO" things. On this fresh and vibrant Monday morning I can say that I'm feeling very accomplished.

On Saturday I was trying to bake up a few loaves of Amish Friendship Bread but I also wanted to pot these new plants that I bought. A woman's work is never done :-) So in between recipe steps I ran outside to dig my hands in the dirt. That night I enjoyed a slice of yummy sweet bread and a living room full of beautiful vegetation!

Also that night, I went to meet some friends at Mocha's, a downtown coffee shop. It was a bit windy that night and I stepped outside of my car to put my coat on. While doing so, the wind slammed my door shut...yes...leaving my keys and everything important inside staring mockingly at me. Thanks to my brother who somehow manages to save me from SO MANY of my clumsy mishaps, I didn't have to worry. He decided to come up to Milwaukee for the night so he brought a spare key with him. Thanks buddy!

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Haras said...

April, a while ago I was given some starter for amish friendship bread. The person who gave it to me said that she would send me the recipe, and never did!! I waited and waited, and even mentioned it to her, and she still didn't give me the recipe, and finally I threw away the starter (on saturday!) because I'm not sure that it was good anymore.. I think I had it for like a month.. anyway so yeah it's really sad that I wasn't able to make the stupid bread!! I'm jealous. Do you think I could have still used the starter??