wherever you have friends you have a home

Here are some pictures of my home away from home. Everything about it was rich and comforting and perfect. This is where Vanessa and Ryan live. It is a lovely one room cabin just outside of town. The property is set up the side of the mountain. At the bottom is the outhouse, then the cabin, then the sugar shack (where I lived).

Isn't it wonderfully cozy and colorful?

Up the stairs is the loft bed.

This is the Sugar Shack. I loved it! Vanessa painted it with all of her favorite colors which made me laugh.

And Oh, the beloved outhouse.


silly, selfish, and searching... said...

that's so cool......ps. i started an egypt blog...oh my goodnes...i leave on saturday! crazy

Dustin and Stacey said...

how cool! "Sugar Shack"? I like that!!