what if?

The other day I ate a banana while driving. Not knowing what to do with the peel, I set it down on the passenger seat, figuring I'd throw it away when I stopped. I forgot.

The next day I was leaving for work and when I got into my car I saw that banana peel still sitting on the seat. I needed to clear off the seat because I had offered to give my roommate a lift to her car. So I asked, "Katie, do you think I can just toss this over in the grass beside the building?" Figuring that it is natural and will disintegrate soon enough we agreed that it would be fine. And then Katie made another comment. She said "Well...I mean, it's not TOTALLY natural. If we threw bananda peels in the grass every day then it might mess with the ecosystem. The grass might die or something."

Well, that got me thinking. What if my banana DID throw off the ecological groove? What if I came home to yellow rubbery grass and giant bananas all over the ground like manna? What if banana bugs evolved and started flying around diving into people? There could be chaos!!!

I was just thinking...

This is my best attempt at illustrating this mayhem. It's pretty frantic isn't it? You're going to think twice about throwing your banana peels out the window aren't you?


Dustin and Stacey said...

Now I'm really scared! Sometimes after work I dump the rest of my coffee or tea out before I get in my car. What if coffee and tea plants start growing everywhere? We'll be overrun with coffee beans and tea leaves!!! Ahhhh!!! What a scary scary world!!!! Sounds like a good horror movie idea. hmmmm..... :)

haha! You are hilarious!!!

Mom said...

I think you have way too much spare time on your hands!

Eden said...

Wow April, just looked through your entries about Alaska! Despite the PAIN IN THE NECK getting there, what a fantastique trip! I want to go too!! The mountains and water were so beautiful.