there were big fish and whales and bears and moose and sea otters and eagles and people too!

Right after that fabulous fishing experience we happened upon a mother moose and her calf. They were right in the middle of the road, I couldn't believe it! My wildlife pictures are quite blurry so you'll have to squint a little and tilt your head and use a little imagination :-) It is difficult to set up for a good picture when you are also doing your best to back up and avoid any sort of confrontation. I really appreciate the respect that the people have for their wildlife. Sometimes I feel like even our national parks turn into zoo-like places with tourists flocking around groups of animals.

The next day Vanessa took me to see a house she lived in when she was little and right away we noticed a big brown head sticking out of the cherry tree. It was a black bear! Again, we backed up and tried to avoid being noticed. It was a beautiful bear but his face was kind of slobbery looking.

Shortly after that we went to relax around the lake and there was another black bear fishing in the water! I didn't get any pictures of that one. We just kept driving.

There were bald eagles flying everywhere and they were so majestic. Also, while I was riding the boat back into Juneau I looked out my window and noticed 6 humpback whales swimming and jumping. One of them breached and it was so amazing. I got goosebumps when I was watching them. I looked down at the water closer to the boat and there were two sea otters just swimming alongside the boat. Nature is so alive there!


Momma Amy said...

I think there are few things better than nature to remind us how Awesome God is!

What an amazing experience!

Dustin and Stacey said...

Remember when we followed that bear at Yellowstone? And how I wanted to see a Moose so bad but we saw everything else...deer, elk,.... Not until one of the last days there, did we see a moose. And it was so far away. Creatures like that are so cool when they are comfortable in their home surroundings.